Bluebird Baby 14 Days Old

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Bluebird Babies, Happy Birthday to you!

The little bluebirds are 2 weeks old today! They don't seem as enthusiastic about their big day as I do though... when I opened the box this morning, I was greeted with the bird equivalent of the "hairy eyeball."

This little one was on the edge of the nest and didn't move at all when I moved in to have a close look -- he just stared at me with what appeared to be a very large eye. Maybe I woke him up?

I am amazed and how quickly they have grown and how much they have changed in just 14 days. They now look more like adult birds than not and their feathers are long and quite blue. I don't know how they are all still fitting in the nest together -- it looks very crammed in that little bird nest.

Bluebirds fledge 2 to 3 weeks after hatching, so I don't know how many more days and photos I'll be able to get of them in the nest. I hope they stick around for a few more days, but I'll be glad to see them flying around too.

I wonder if they'll remember me?

Jul 02 2013

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