Baby Cottontail Rabbit

As of April 17 (when the photos here were taken), the baby bunnies we had nesting in our front yard (you know, the ones I rescued from the jaws of our dog?) seem to be a-ok, growing quickly, and have left the nest.

I had been checking on the nest every few days just to make sure nothing (I mean no dog!) had disturbed it. When I checked it last Thursday, the nest was completely open and completely empty. Here's what I saw:

Empty Rabbit Nest

I looked around a bit and saw 4 teeny tiny bunnies hiding under a holly bush nearby. I grabbed my camera and tried to get a bit closer without scaring them away. Three of the bunnies immediately scurried further under the bush, but one remained where it was and I was able to snap a few quick photos. I haven't seen any of them since.

Baby Bunny

Apr 28 2014

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