Woodside Ruby Daylilyes

One of the nicest dark daylilies I currently have is 'Woodside Ruby' -- it's a mid-season, prolific bloomer and is blooming away right now in my garden.

What's interesting to me about this daylily is that sometimes it looks deep red and sometimes it looks more purple. And, looking back on photos of this daylily from when I first purchased a single, solitary daylily fan years ago, the flower was much more red when the plant was younger than it appears now... no idea why that might be!  I suppose it depends on the light at any given time &, of course, I used a different camera years ago so I imagine that could make a difference too. Either way - whether it looks more red or purple - it's a really beautiful daylily!

Hemercallis 'Woodside Ruby'

Woodside Ruby gets to be about 34 inches tall (including the scapes & flowers) and has 4 1/2 inch blooms that are defined in it's registration as 'ruby red'. It's throat is a lemony-yellowish-green and it has slightly ruffled edges. It is a re-bloomer and has a high bud count (i.e. LOTS & LOTS OF FLOWERS!).

Deep Red Daylilies - Woodside Ruby

Woodside Ruby Daylily

Red Daylily Flowers - Woodside Ruby

Woodside Ruby Hemerocallis

Deep Red Hemerocallis Flowers

Deep Red Daylily Flowers - Woodside Ruby

Red Daylily Flowers - Hemerocallis Woodside Ruby

Jun 30 2014
Posted in: Daylilies, Flowers

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