Swallowtail Caterpillar on Parsnips

Help! My parsnips have been invaded by Swallowtail Caterpillars!

A few days ago I noticed a couple of swallowtail caterpillars munching away on the leaves and stems of some of my parsnips. I like swallowtail butterflies and am willing to share some of my parsnips with the swallowtail caterpillars in the hopes of having more butterflies. So, I decided to just keep an eye on things and see how it goes.

But then, yesterday I counted 15 (big!) caterpillars on my parsnips and they are starting to do quite a bit of damage.

I'm not really sure what to do ....

Of course, I don't want to kill them, but I also don't want to lose a lot of the parsnips either. A few years ago I had a ton of swallowtail caterpillars on my parsley, but I had plenty of parsley to share & didn't really care if the caterpillars ate more than their share (which they did!). The parsnips are a different story though ... I'd like to get as many as possible and don't really want to lose a lot of them. The parsnips are growing really well and I had been hoping for a really good harvest!

So, do I pick off the caterpillars and try to relocate them to another plant somewhere? Or do I just let them continue munching away and hope for the best?

Swallowtail Caterpillar Eating Parsnips

Caterpillars Eating Parsnip Plants

Swallowtail Caterpillars in the Vegetable Garden

Caterpillars Eating Carrots, Dill, Parsnips, and Parsley

Parsnips and Swallowtail Caterpillars

Jun 28 2014

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