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Have you looked at your calendar lately?  Peak canning season is right around the corner! This is the perfect time to make sure you have everything you need - rather than having to run to the store while in the middle of trying to can your bountiful harvest!

Are you ready? I sure am!

When I started canning awhile back, I bought simple and basic tools and equipment. I didn't give it much thought and just bought what was inexpensive and easily available. Now, don't get me wrong, what I had (and still have) worked just fine except when I put the plastic air releaser and measuring tool in the dishwasher and it warped. Even it is still usable -- it just bugs me every time I look at it!

But, recently I came across a Progressive International Canning Essentials funnel and I think it is simply the most genius thing I've ever seen ... it has the measurements for the head space built into the funnel.


Canning Funnel, Canning Supplies

You just place the funnel on your jar and pour in the liquid to the proper head space needed.  It saves you a step and no additional measuring is needed  ... talk about easy!

Why didn't I think of that????

Anyway, I don't own stock in this company or anything, I just thought I'd share because I think it's a really great product and something I wish I'd had eons ago!

You can buy the canning kit including this fabulous funnel, tongs, and magnetic lid lifter in a kit on

Jun 23 2013

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