Baby Bluebirds - 5 Days Old

Is it me, or are these little baby bluebirds really starting to get cute? OK, I'll agree that their bodies still look like they are part bird and part E.T., and they still have crazy hair on their heads, but they are pretty cute, don't you think?

They are now five days old and are starting to fill up the nest quite a bit. No one was on the bottom of the pile today, so I no longer know which one is Cecil.... I guess I'll just call them all Cecil.

I checked on them twice today and took a lot of photos.  The hatch that opens on this box opens to the side, so I often can't get a picture of the whole nest (there just isn't enough room). But, they definitely perk up right away when I open it up and today they even seemed to flop over in my direction. I'm pretty sure I saw an eye or 2 open a little bit too.

Eastern Bluebird Babies in Nest

Baby Eastern Bluebirds

Baby Birds in Nest - Eastern Bluebirds

Jun 22 2013

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Bill O'Leary
June 23, 2013

Amazing Photo! wow


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