Our Frozen Creek in Winter

Like most of the east coast, we've been blanketed by snow a few times this winter. We don't usually get much snow here - maybe a few inches all winter at the very most and it usually melts quickly too.  And that's the way I like it... here for a day or two and then gone. The sparkly snow makes everything look, well, sparkly and magical (doesn't my photo above of our backyard and creek from a few weeks ago look sparkly and magical??)  And, of course, the cold and snow always makes a welcome excuse for drinking copious amounts of hot chocolate.  But luckily, here in our part of Virginia, shoveling is not usually needed and the roads are almost always clear in short order. Winter's are usually rather mild.

You see, I'm just not a winter person, so instead of getting out and playing in the snow, I've been hibernating during this snowy, yucky winter. I haven't been planning my garden. I haven't been looking through seed catalogs. I believed that crazy groundhog at Gobbler's Knob and haven't really thought that spring was ever coming, or at least not any time soon.

Then, yesterday when I was out walking Renard, I saw something alarming. Something so profound that it jolted the little hibernating gardener inside of me awake (as a matter of fact, she started to panic a little & I think I heard a little muffled scream)...

Not only are the daffodils starting to come up through the remnants of the snow, but some of them have BUDS on them! BIG BUDS!

Spring really IS coming ... and soon! YEA!

Daffodil Bud in Snow

Feb 15 2014
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curis joe
February 21, 2014

Great post.Thanks


March 16, 2014

We were out wandering the property about two weeks ago and found a more alarming harbinger of spring - a snake! He was in a part of the property that doesn't freeze as hard due to a spring nearby, but was angry to find himself in a snow bank nonetheless. I don't know if he had help into the snow thanks to the dog or if he was just passing through when we saw him.


March 16, 2014

I haven't seen any snakes yet. I wonder if this crazy weather (65 degrees one day and snow the next) has the critters confused too? :-)

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