Foxglove (Digitalis)

When we lived in Northern Virginia, our property bordered Fairfax County park land. Our lot was very wooded and we had tons of critters.  My favorite was a little red fox.  He would come and go and I often saw him romping around. I named him Henry.

I loved Henry.

Although I never got close enough to be sure, I'm pretty sure on occasion Henry wore gloves.

Fox gloves.

I grew foxglove in my yard there just in case he felt the urge to put them on and strut around. You know, show off for the ladies.

Well, we don't have a fox who romps around our yard where we live now, but I still have foxglove growing, just in case. It's a really beautiful flower and it reminds me of little of my long lost Henry.

Foxglove (Digitalis purpurea) is a native, woodland plant with tall, showy flowers.  It grows well is sun or part shade and can get quite tall. It's showy and perfect for cottage gardens.

Foxglove is a biennial and can be grown from seed.  I have a bunch started from seed right now that I'll be planting out in the next month of so.  In the mean time, though, my mature foxglove has started blooming.  It's bloomin' beautiful.

A word of caution!  Foxglove is poisonous to people and pets. It's really not a good plant anywhere near children and should always be handled with care.

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May 14 2013
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