Icy Giclee Print

OK, it's cold.

Really, really, really cold.

I took the photo above around 5am this morning ... this was my view through the glass of the storm door as I stood waiting (forever!) for my crazy dog to come back inside. He didn't want to come in ... I'm pretty sure he would still be out there if I hadn't made him come back inside.

Seriously, what is wrong with him?

Doesn't he know it's only 12 degrees out there?

And now he's bugging waiting for his morning walk ... I wonder how long I can put him off?

I do not want to go outside today!

Boy, I can't imagine what people are doing in the other parts of the country where temperatures are minus 0 (or worse!) ... it's 12 degrees here this morning and that's more than I want to deal with!

On a positive note, it's supposed to be 30 here tomorrow ... woohoo! can't wait! :-)

Stay Warm!

Jan 07 2014
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