I need your input!

So, I'm planning to start selling some of my gardening artwork on in the upcoming year. (YEA!) To start things off, I'll be selecting 5 different works and putting them together into a set of greeting cards. Seems simple enough, huh?  Well, apparently not!

I'm having a terrible time deciding on which prints to include in that first greeting card set.

I need your help! Please help me to decide!

I would love your input on which pieces you like best! If you could take a few minutes and select five pieces from a selection of twenty that you would like to see put together into a set of greeting cards, I would be ever so grateful!

I'll also gladly give you a 15% discount code to use on any of my artwork (or greeting card sets!) once the e-commerce part of the site is completed in January 2014. The discount code should appear after submitting your selections.

Here's the link to the selection page >>  CLICK HERE!

Just let me know which you like best and I'll love you forever!! :-)

Thanks a bunch!!

Dec 09 2013
Posted in: Print Gallery

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