Frost in the Garden

Wow, it's cold here! You'd think I would be used to it after all these years (I did grow up in Pennsylvania after all!), but the first really cold day of winter still comes as a bit of a shock to me and makes me wish I lived in Florida, or Hawaii, or Belize.

Really, those commercials for buying land in Belize are looking better and better to me! Wonder what sorts of exotic plants I could grow in Belize?? I think the ability to grow avocados alone would make it worth it!

Anyway, we had our first hard frost last night and I woke up to a glistening garden. Even though I truly hate the cold, the frost really makes everything in the garden (even the weeds) look magical. It's really quite pretty!

I snapped a few photos on my (way to early) walk with Renard this morning. Here's what our gardens looked like this morning ...

Frost on Plants

Frost Glistening on Plants

Frost in the Garden

Frost Glistening in the Garden

Frost on plants in the garden

Dec 11 2013
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