Frozen Creek

Everything is officially frozen here. We rarely get a lot of snow or super harsh cold, but we got hit yesterday with about 7 inches of snow and temperatures are hovering in the 20's.

It's so cold that our creek is completely frozen. Usually, since we are near the head of the creek and the waters get more and more shallow as you go up the creek, some of "our" part of the creek does freeze in winter. However, usually not the entire thing!

You can normally see a line somewhere out from our dock where the ice stops and the water flows freely. Not this morning though ... it's frozen for as far as I can see! No ducks, geese or swans anywhere in sight ... I guess they've headed downstream to deeper waters or into the Chesapeake Bay.

We're about half a mile from the Chesapeake Bay. Our little "creek" (that's what the inlets are called here) feeds directly into the Bay. In my photo above, at the very top right corner is about where the Chesapeake Bay starts.

Feb 18 2015
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