Eastern Bluebird Babies in Nest

The four day old eastern bluebird babies are getting bigger and bluer! It's fun to watch them grow and don't their yellow mouths coordinate nicely with the blue? Very fashionable! :-)

There are four babies in the nest and every time I've looked in on them, there is always one that seems to be on the bottom of the pile.  See him there in the foreground? I'm not sure if it's always the same one on the bottom, but I bet it is. The other three are pretty much sitting on top of him. Poor little guy!  He's my favorite and I've decided to name him Cecil.

Anyway, to liven things up a bit, I shot a quick 30 second video of these little babies today. And, yes, I'm the one teasing them with the whistles (should I feel guilty about that?) 

Here goes ...

Jun 21 2013

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