I'm always amazed at the simple beauty you can find in nature if you take a few minutes to look around a bit. While the garden is most definitely petering out, there is still a lot action going on elsewhere!

So, yesterday, I took my camera with me on one of my walks with our dog and I snapped a few photos to show you what's happening around our place these early November days. Most of these photos weren't taken in my formal beds, but rather in the woods and meadows where we tend to let things get a bit more 'wild'.

Here's what I found most interesting & beautiful ....

Crepe Myrtle Seeds

Crepe Myrtle Seeds

Holly Berries

Holly Berries

Rose in Bloom

Roses Blooming in November

And, of course, where you have Roses, you have Rose Hips

Rose hips

A Twisted Tree

Twisted Tree

Sweet Gum Leaves

Sweet Gum Tree in Fall

Our Old Sycamore Tree

Sycamore Tree in Fall

Weed Seeds

WildFlower Seeds

Dainty Wild Flowers

Wild Flowers in Fall

Grass Seed

Wild Grass Seeds

Nov 12 2013
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November 13, 2013

Ahhhhhhh, BLISS! A feast of beautiful, satisfying photos. Thank you!!


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