CarylAlys Giclee Print for Sale: White Lily

Sadly, I haven't had much time for art lately. Between work (which is more than full time) and the garden, I haven't had time for much else. I've been spending most of any free time I have in the vegetable garden trying to keep the weeds under control. And, as most gardeners know, weeding can be a full time gig.

However, recently on my early morning walks with our dog, Renard, I've been trying to wander around some of our (neglected) flower beds and was happy to see that my white lilies are blooming away.

In the mornings the sunlight is usually very soft and can be good for photographing flowers. It also tends to create a glow on light colored flowers that often won't be seen at other times of the day. Of course, most flowers look better in the morning too and I find it the best time of day to photograph flowers.

My Black and White Lily print is for sale at:

Jun 19 2014
Posted in: Print Gallery

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