Yellow Canna Lily Giclee

Yellow Canna

I grow about 4 or 5 different canna lilies here in my zone 7b/8 garden. Cannas are mostly hardy where I live and I don't have to dig them up each year (a BIG plus for me!). I love how they give a tropical look to the garden beds and canna lily flowers also are great for attracting hummingbirds and butterflies to your garden.

Every garden should have some canna!

Canna Lilies are rhizomatous plants with interesting flowers and large, tropical looking leaves. For the most part, they are low maintenance (although I do get leaf rollers in mine and they are a really big pain to get rid of!) and very easy to grow. Canna lily flowers come in all shades of red, orange, yellow, and white and the leaves can be green, red, chartreuse or variegated.

Cannas like full sun, although they can tolerate some shade. They also like moist conditions, so be sure to keep them well watered. To plant, dig a hole about 4-6 inches deep and place the canna rhizome horizontally in the ground with the eyes facing upward.  Cover with 3-6 inches of soil. Canna should be planted 1-2 feet apart (depending on the height of the variety being planted). Some canna lilies get really tall, so be sure to keep that in mind when you plant them!

If you live in colder climates (zone 7a and above), you'll have to dig up your canna rhizomes each fall, store them over the winter, and replant in the spring after the last frost.

Do you grow canna lilies? What kinds and colors do you grow?

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May 26 2013
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