Three Sisters Garden

It was a beautiful day here in Virginia yesterday and I spent the majority of it working in our vegetable garden. Basically, I spent the day weeding. We got a pretty good amount rain week last week, so everything (especially the weeds it seems) is starting to grow like crazy.

Crazy good for the vegetables. Crazy bad for the weeds.

Anyway, one of the beds that really needed weeding was my three sisters garden. As you might remember, I planted my 3 sisters garden back in mid May and everything in it (corn, beans, and squash) is growing well. However, because the rows are so far apart (and the squash isn't yet big enough to fill in), there was a lot of grass and weed growing in the middle of the bed.

So... I was a hoeing fool yesterday and it's looking a lot better now. I thought you might be interested to see how it's going....and since I don't know when it will look this good again, I thought I'd better take some photos now. LOL.

To recap, a Three Sisters Garden is an ancient Native American companion planting method for growing corn, beans, & squash. When grown together, these ‘sister’ plants complement each other & the companion planting method helps each plant to grow better and stronger in a small garden space: the corn offers a climbing support for the beans, the beans fix nitrogen into the soil for both the corn and squash to use, and the squash provides shade and a living mulch for the other plants and helps to deter pests with their prickly leaves. You can find my instructions for how to plant a 3 Sisters Garden here.

Here's how my 3 Sisters Garden is looking today (well technically, yesterday) ....

How to Grow a Three Sisters Garden

3 Sisters Garden - Corn, Beans, and Squash

Growing a 3 Sisters Garden

Growing a Three Sisters Garden

Growing Corn, Beans and Squash - 3 Sisters

Jun 15 2014
Posted in: Vegetables

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