Tree Frog

We had a big storm roll in late yesterday afternoon and by early evening, it was absolutely pouring. The temperature also dropped dramatically, so we turned off the air conditioning and opened the windows.

Immediately upon opening the windows, all sorts of "QUACKING" started coming from our backyard. And, by quacking, I mean like there was a lost or dying duck wandering around desperately (and constantly!) calling out for help.

It. Was. Loud.... Really Loud. But, it' wasn't as much a "quack" as it was a "quank". Kind of sounded like ducks, but kind of not.

Anyway, I spent a few minutes looking around (still thinking it was coming from ducks) and didn't see anything. So, I got online to try to figure out what it was.

Apparently Green Tree Frogs quack ...

After listening to a few audio clips online of other green tree frogs quacking, I was pretty sure that was what it was.  After all, we have a lot of tree frogs here.... but I had never heard them quack before!

According to the, green tree frogs tend to quack at times. This quacking usually happens after a downpour or when the air is still moist. Green tree frogs can croak so loudly at this time that they sound like they are quacking.


So, since I was sure no one would believe me, I recorded our crazy "quanking" tree frogs last night & thought you might like to hear it....

Download Audio FileOur Green Tree Frogs "Quacking" Click here to listen! (mp3 audio file)

Jun 20 2014

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June 21, 2014

Oh, how I have missed the tree frog photos!!!!


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