Spiritual Corridor Daylily

Here is another one of my favorite daylilies ... isn't it just so pretty?

Spiritual Corridor is a gorgeous orchid-lavender daylily with a chartreuse-yellow eye and throat. It also has a dainty chartreuse-yellow picotee edge.

It is a fragrant flower, re-blooms, and has rather large flowers approximately 6 inches across. The scapes (flower stems) get to be about 25 inches tall and the plant has a spread of about 36 inches.

Like most dayliles, it should be planted in full sun to part shade. It is perfect for both specimen planting and planting in mass.

Isn't it just gorgeous?

Daylily with Picotee Edge

Purple Daylily - Spiritual Corridor

Daylily Spiritual Corridor

Pink Daylily with Picotee Edge - Spiritual Corridor

Growing Daylilies

How to Grow Daylilies - Hemerocallis

Jun 28 2013
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