Everbearing Strawberries in July

We had a really good crop of strawberries here earlier this Spring. I was in the garden picking berries almost everyday throughout the month of May & early June and by the time they started easing up, my back and I were (VERY) ready for a break from picking them.

It's been about a month since we got a really good crop of strawberries, and I was starting to really miss eating them fresh from the garden (our freezer is stocked with strawberries, but I'd prefer to save those for later in the year when fresh berries are only a memory). 

Anyway, since it takes awhile for the everbearing strawberries to produce more berries after that first main crop in Spring, I've kind of been ignoring them. But ... today I peeked under the netting and was super happy to see a bunch of big, red, and ripe strawberries calling my name.

I picked over 2 pounds of strawberries today!

The great thing about everbearing strawberries is that they will give you a relatively large crop of berries in Spring, and then will continue to produce strawberries (although in much smaller quantities) throughout the rest of the summer and into fall. So, you can enjoy fresh strawberries throughout the entire summer ... and not just in May and June.

Jul 06 2014
Posted in: Fruits

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