Everbearing Strawberries

I'm happy to report that we are still rolling in Everbearing Strawberries! Yesterday I harvested over 2 pounds and the plants are still full of berries and flowers... I'm hoping we'll be eating fresh strawberries well into October.

You may remember the story of my neglected strawberry plants. I abused the poor things to no end ... how they survived in their little pots for so long and with so little care, I don't know.

But they did.

And, like most things that are given a second chance at life, they seem to be really happy and now are absolutely thriving.

Here's what they looked like when we finally got around to planting them in a proper bed earlier this spring:

Planting Everbearing Strawberries

And, here's what they look like today:

Everbearing Strawberry Bed

Unlike Junebearing Strawberries, Everbearing Strawberries will produce berries all season long. So, we've kept the strawberries covered with netting all summer. Other than planting the strawberries in a proper bed (duh!), the netting has proven to be the #1 factor into why we've got so many berries now.

We ended up using a netting with 5/8" holes for the strawberries and it has worked remarkably well. Nothing can get to the berries and we don't have to worry about snakes getting caught in the netting.

We harvested some young stakes from bamboo we have growing here and created hoops to keep the netting up and off of the plants. Young bamboo stakes are easy to bend when they are still green, so we just pushed them into the ground on either side of the bed and they "hardened" into a nice arched shape. Bamboo works great for so many things in the garden!

Here is a close up shot of the netting:

Strawberry Netting

And, another shot of how thick and lush the strawberry plants are now:

Strawberry Plants

Don't they look fantastic??

Sep 09 2013
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September 15, 2013

Impressed ... and jealous again. Strawberries and asparagus are my favorites in the world of things you might grow for yourself to eat. As always, I savor reading about your garden!


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