WC Fields Tomato Look Alike

It always cracks me up to find vegetables that look like something other than, well, vegetables. If you look around online enough, you'll find all sorts of things that vegetables are shaped like: gourds shaped like ducks and swans, carrots or radishes hugging each other, tomatoes shaped like bunnies and elephants, all sorts of heart and star shaped fruits and veggies and much, much more.

But, I think I'm the only gardener with a tomato that looks like W.C. Fields!

I picked this Costoluto Genovese tomato from my garden yesterday and I think it is the spitting image of W.C. Fields.... or Popeye ... or W.C. Fields playing the role of Popeye.

Any way you look at it, it's funny!

The face on this is actually on the bottom of the tomato. The top of the tomato, although still rather misshapen, is a bit more normal - although, not completely normal....

Tomato that looks like W.C. Fields

It wasn't until I turned it over that I realized that W.C. Fields had been reincarnated so perfectly into this tomato. I thought it fitting that my W.C. Fields tomato get "sauced" and it'll be on it's way to the canner tonight!

p.s.  Costoluto Genovese tomatoes are red heirloom tomatoes with extremely ribbed and fluted sides. I like to grow them because they are interesting to look at!

Aug 09 2014
Posted in: Vegetables

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