Growing Brussel Sprouts in Fall

There are some vegetables that just taste better when freshly harvested from a garden. Sweet corn is one and, I've read, that brussel sprouts are another.

I've never been crazy about brussel sprouts.

My father really likes them, but, since Dad was just about the only person in our family that "loved" them, we didn't really have them that much when I was growing up (sorry Dad!).

I've read over and over, however, that home grown brussel sprouts are different. They are supposed to be waaay better than the commercially grown sprouts available in most grocery stores. And, if you go so far as to believe the things people say about fresh brussel sprouts, you might even start to think they had magical powers... they are THAT good apparently.

Well. I wouldn't know about that. I've been trying to grow brussel sprouts for the last few years, but haven't had much luck. Sure, they are easy to start from seed, but once in the garden, I always seem to have problems. For some reason or another, they just don't seem to like me.

This past spring I started some brussel sprout seeds indoors and had some great looking seedlings. Those great looking seedlings turned into even better looking plants and by early June I was almost certain I'd actually get some sprouts this year. Then it started raining. And the brussel sprouts didn't like it one bit. The water logged plants eventually pooped out and died.


So, I started more seeds in July and planted a few seedlings in the garden in August. They are growing well! As you can see in my photo above, the little sprouts are even starting to make an appearance.

Growing Brussel Sprouts in Fall

I've never tried to grow brussel sprouts in the fall before. I have no idea why ... maybe I was intimidated by the long growing period they need, or maybe I just pooped out by late summer. I don't know, but I'm pretty sure it's been a mistake. After all, brussel sprouts are cold-hardy plants that (apparently) can be enjoyed all winter long. And the colder the weather is, the better they are supposed to taste!

So, I'm really feeling optimistic about mon petit chou!

Oct 25 2013
Posted in: Vegetables

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