Herb Scissors

Sometimes I come across something and think 'WOW, I really should've invented that'! You know, something that is so brilliant and yet so simple and useful ... why didn't I think of it?

Herb Scissors are one of those things.

Have you ever used herb scissors? If you grow herbs in your garden and like to cook with them fresh, herb scissors can make preparing fresh herbs easier.

Herb Scissors

The concept is pretty simple. Herb scissors look like regular scissors, but instead of a single cutting blade, they have multiple blades. That way, with just a single cut, you can cut your herbs into multiple pieces. It saves chopping, creates very uniform pieces, and it doesn't bruise or crush the herbs. 

Honestly, I don't find myself using my herb scissors THAT often, but I do use them quite a bit on chives and fresh basil and parsley.

There are a few drawbacks things I've found to keep in mind when contemplating buying or using herb scissors:

  1. The herbs really need to be dry. If the herbs are wet, they tend to stick to the blades & can be difficult to get out of the blades without rinsing.
  2. They don't work well on smaller herbs. They are good for herbs like basil and chives, even rosemary. But they will be absolutely no help with smaller herbs like thyme or oregano.

If you love kitchen gadgets like I do, like to cook with fresh herbs, and have some extra kitchen drawer space just crying out to be filled, you need some herb scissors!

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Sep 24 2013
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September 25, 2013

Mmmmm...LOVE fresh basil. Have you made that balsamic reduction feta basil grilled eggplant thingy yet??


September 25, 2013

YES! It was very, very yummy. We're still getting a bunch of eggplant & I'll probably make it many more times. Thanks for the recipe Myrtle!

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