Bracket Fungus

I've been a blogging slacker the last few weeks. I'm sorry about that... but with the Thanksgiving holiday, the cold weather, and things winding down in the garden, I haven't felt like doing anything much other than vegging on the sofa and drinking hot chocolate with lots and lots of marshmallows. Not the big fat ones mind you ... mini marshmallows only and lots of them!

Anyway, our dog, Renard, doesn't much like vegging on the sofa all day, nor does he like hot chocolate (although he'll gladly eat marshmallows). Instead, he does his best to try to convince me that it's better to be outside than inside - no matter what temperature it is. And being the big weenie that I am, I cave to his little puppy dog eyes and puppy dog cries every time. The two of us end up walking around the property here at least 5 or 6 times a day.

We usually start by going out to the garden where we poke around a bit, then we walk through the pine forest and into the woods. Once we get to the edge of the property, Renard stands looking longingly across the fields to our neighbors house where not only his BFF lives, but also where the pig, a goat, and some chickens live. To Renard, it's the cool house in the neighborhood and we usually spend quite some time discussing why Renard can't go visit the cool kids just then.

Then, we turn and walk across the woods to where they meet the creek and we walk along the bank of the creek, making our way back to the house. The majority of this area is wooded too and we often find lots of interesting things there. This morning, while Renard was chasing a squirrel through the woods (interesting to him!) , I came across this bracket fungus on a dead tree branch (interesting to me!)

Isn't it pretty?

Dec 05 2013
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