Baby Bluebirds - 8 Days Old

When I opened the bluebird box today, I was greeted by 8 little eyes looking back at me ... talk about a surprise! 

I snapped a few photos and then our dog, who had come outside with me, found a little fawn in our pine forest and immediately started chasing it. Of course the fawn, being a fawn and not yet completely aware of the dangers of the world around it, made a bee line toward me and the house. It ran right past me and through the open gate to our fenced front yard. Yes, I had neglected to close the gate when I walked out to check on the bluebirds. (Note to self: Always Close the Gate!)

Anywho, our dog was right on the fluffy tail of the panicked little fawn and I spent the next few minutes chasing them both around (and around!) the yard -- trying to get the fawn to go back out of the gate it came in through and trying to keep our dog from catching the fawn.  All the while worrying and dreading what might happen if our dog actually caught the fawn.

It was pandemonium.

I'm still out of breath.

I don't know where she was, but I'm very glad the mother of the fawn wasn't anywhere around. I'm sure that would've made the whole incident much, much, much worse...have you seen videos of mother deer protecting their babies? Talk about scary!

So, after what seemed like F-O-R-E-V-E-R and a day, I got the dog back in the house and the fawn eventually made it's way back out of the fenced yard to (hopefully!) find it's mother.

When I finally got back to the bluebirds, they hadn't moved. Not one bit.

Apparently it's just too hot. 

But, aren't their little feathers adorable?

Jun 25 2013

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June 25, 2013

Hi Caryl! Grandma and Grandpa told me to check out your blog and I really like it, it's really cute! I'll be reading it :) the bluebirds are adorable!


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