Chickadee Sitting on Eggs in Nestbox

Whenever I decide to peek into one of our nesting boxes, I always tap on the side of the box first to give anyone inside fair warning that I'm coming. If there is a bluebird in the box, it almost always flies out as soon as I tap, and, if they don't come out after tapping on the box, they most certainly do as soon as I start to open the side door. So, I've never seen a bluebird sitting on a nest or witnessed anything that they do while in the box.

Once again, my mystery nest was proving to be different from a bluebird nest in that department too...

This morning I decided to take a quick look into the bluebird nesting box that has the mystery nest and eggs in it. I did my usual TAP-TAP-TAP on the side of the box before opening the door and no one came flying out, so I proceeded to open the side door and still no one came flying out.  As I looked into the box and nest (which is kind of deep), I was completely surprised to see this mama bird sitting on the nest ... and she didn't move!

I already had my cell phone ready to take pictures, so I inched it in closer and took a single quick photo. I'm sure the little Chickadee was as surprised to see me as I was to see her and I didn't want to frighten her any more than I already had, so I quickly shut the door and left her alone.

Now, the question is what type of Chickadee is this?

Apr 28 2015

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