Toads Emerging Signal that Spring is Coming

Yesterday, we had tornado warnings all day with lots of rain, wind, thunder and lightning. Luckily, it passed through without incident --  we didn't have any tornadoes, nor hail and our power didn't go out.


We did get a lot of rain though and I'm wondering if things will ever really dry out.

Later in the evening, I was pretty sure I could hear frogs croaking when I was out walking Renard. I figured I was probably just hearing things though ... after all, doesn't it seem awfully early for the frogs to come out of hibernation? Apparently not!

A Sure Sign of Spring

I haven't seen a single frog or toad since last fall, but today I found this little toad hopping around in our woods. Most frogs and toads spend the cold winter months hibernating in the ground or in the mud and come out when the weather starts to warm. Another sure sign of spring! Yea!


Feb 22 2014

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February 23, 2014

One can never have enough Frog and Toad Caryl photos!!


Bethany Karn
Horticultural Zone: 7
February 23, 2014

so happy to see him and his little warts!


February 23, 2014

me too! :-)

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