Bluebird Babies - 15 Days Old

I'm pretty sure the bluebird babies are going to fledge any moment. They are big and seem restless. I imagine that they are also probably really sick of being stuck in that box with their brothers and sisters. I mean, it must be something like my childhood memories of being stuck in the back seat of the family station wagon with my brother and sister as we made the long trek to the beach each summer. I can just hear the birds saying "stop touching me!"

Or maybe they are just sick and tired of me disturbing them everyday. I will admit I've been a bit of a pest.

I don't know, but I'm thinking it might not be a good idea for me to open the side hatch to the box anymore. When I opened it today, this little bird popped up and teetered on the edge of the nest. See his little claw propped on the top left hand side of the nest?  He seemed ready to move (maybe to get away from me?) and I'm afraid one of the birds just might fall out.

I definitely don't want that. So, this may be my last photo of this set ... we'll see.

I should also note that the parents have had just about enough of me bothering their nest and now sometimes dive bomb me when I open the hatch.

That freaks me out....

Have I mentioned my general fear of birds? I love having birds around and, of course, I'm fine with the baby birds. But when adult birds swoop down to peck at me - well, I don't like that. I really don't like that.

It makes me want to run away ... screaming.

So, I would really like to avoid that scenario .... at all costs.

ps - Yes, my husband thinks my fear of birds is crazy too.

Jul 03 2013

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