Hummingbird Lands on Finger

After the success of my first experiment yesterday to see if I could get a hummingbird to land on my finger, I decided to try again -- and this time I was armed with a video camera. The image above is a still shot pulled from the video, but you can view the full video below (it's a little less than 40 seconds long - and well worth watching!).

To recap, over the years, I've found that if you stand very still next to a feeder, hummingbirds will come and fly right up next  to you & you can get a really good look. I thought I'd try to take that idea a bit further and, standing right next to a feeder I placed my index finger across one of the perches and stood very, very still. I waited a bit and a little hummingbird flew up, landed on my finger, and took a drink.

Jul 31 2013

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