Baby Cottontail Bunnies

I've been thinking about the bunny nest in our front yard and wondering if the little baby bunny I saved from our dog was hanging in there. Although I did check on the nest the evening after I put the baby rabbit back in the nest, I haven't bothered them since .... until today.

I couldn't help myself and peeked in on the rabbit nest this morning.

I didn't touch or move any of the babies, but I could see at least 4 or 5 little bunnies in the nest, maybe more (they seem to be really packed in there!). I quickly snapped the photos here (aren't they adorable?) and covered them back up. Everything in the little nest seems to be ok and I'm amazed at how quickly they are growing! Their fur is now brown (it was a dark gray color before), their eyes are open, and they look like perfectly formed miniature rabbits.

Baby Cottontail Rabbit in Nest

The other evening around dusk I just happened to look out the front window and saw what looked like the mother rabbit hop into the front yard and come over toward the nest. She stood by the nest for a long time, but then something scared her and she ran off, so I wasn't able to see her tending to the babies. Surely they'll soon be big enough to start eating my garden and then I'll probably be complaining about them, but in the mean time, I'm glad to know she's taking care of them.

Apr 12 2014

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