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I had a nice surprise when I picked up the mail today ... a small box addressed to me from Zulily.com. As I walked the 500 + feet down our driveway back to the house, I racked my brain trying to figure out what it could possibly be. I've never ordered anything from Zulily.com, so I figured someone must have sent me a gift.

How exciting!

Once back at the house, I immediately opened the box and found a hanging terrarium kit inside. How fun!  However, there was no note or gift message, just a packing slip with my name and address on it.

Hmmm. I was stumped. 

Where could this have come from? Did I have a secret admirer? (LOL!)

I called my mother (the most likely candidate!) to ask if perhaps she had sent it to me.... she had not. Then I thought about it some more and slowly had a vague (and I mean VERY, VERY vague) recollection of maybe signing up for something or filling out a survey and something about a terrarium. But, really, I must be getting senile, because I don't actually remember it... it's more of a feeling. And, if I did do something to get it, it had to have been ages ago!

Anyway, I tried to come to terms with my first "senior moment" and then went ahead and put the little air plant terrarium together.

I have to say it's pretty cute! 

It came with a small glass ball, a Tillandsia (air plant), some decorative stones, lichen and moss. It also came with some twine to hang it and a little spray bottle. It didn't come with instructions of any kind, so I had to "wing" assembling it based on a photo that came in the box.

Here's how I assembled the air plant terrarium ball kit ...

First, I submersed the little Tillandsia in a bowl of water and let it soak for about 20 minutes. Once it had soaked, I set it onto a paper towel to dry and I washed the glass ball and stones. I placed the stones into the bottom of the glass terrarium. After that, I put in some of the lichen, then some moss, then some more lichen, and then the rest of the moss. I misted the moss a bit with some water, and then I placed the air plant on top.

Easy peasy!

The glass ball conveniently has 2 holes on the top of it's sides (for aeration) and has a flat bottom so that it doesn't roll around. It  also has a glass "hook" at the top of the ball if you decide to hang it. I think I'll hang mine somewhere (although I have no idea where!), so I attached the twine that came with the kit too.

Terrarium Kit

Terrarium Moss

Terrarium Air Plant

Terrarium Plants

Hanging Terrarium Kit

How to Grow Tillandsia

Tillandsia are part of the bromeliad family. Commonly known as air plants, they use their root systems to attach themselves to trees or rocks and absorb moisture and nutrients through their leaves. Tillandsia do not need soil for growth and attach to their host as a means of support only - they are not parasitic.

Tillandsia are pretty easy to take care of. If growing them indoors, you can simply spritz or mist them with some water each week. If your house is particularly dry, you should submerge them in water for a few hours every couple of weeks. They don't need direct sunlight, but rather bright, filtered, indirect light.

By the way ... I don't think this terrarium kit is worth anywhere near what the manufacturer has it listed for on their website ($26.99!), and I also think it would probably be a lot more fun and creative to make a terrarium like this with odds and ends found around the house or at a yard sale. Maybe that will be a future project for me!

Mar 29 2014
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March 30, 2014

Best. Surprise. EVER!

So cool. Happy for you. I killed my Tillansia. SIGH.

Sooooooooooo looking forward to your garden and outdoor "visitors" photos this spring, summer and fall. LOVING that you love gardening!!!


March 30, 2014

I've never had an air plant before... funny, the package said it was "guaranteed to live for 60 days". I certainly hope mine lives longer than that!!

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