Bluebird Family

We have very ugly electric wires that run from the road down along the 500 or so feet of our driveway to our house. We've always thought that we would have the wires buried, but haven't gotten around to having that done yet. So, the wires are still there.

The wires are ugly and we really hate them.

Birds, on the other hand, absolutely love the wires.

I often see hawks perched on the wires while looking out across the front fields for their next meal. Also, I know that when I spot a "look out" crow or 2 on the wires by the garden it's a signal to me to run out to the garden to shoo away their pesky brothers and sisters who are probably eating my garden. I also often see all kinds of other songbirds perched on the electric wires.  Most recently, the wires were the favorite spot for the bluebird parents while their babies were in one of our bluebird boxes nearby.

The last few days I've seen a lot of eastern bluebirds all around the yard and gardens. That's really not anything new or surprising - we have bluebirds around all the time here. However, I think my little family of bluebirds (you know the ones I took pictures of while in the nest?) have stuck around and are starting to make appearances on the electric wires!

Could it be my bluebird family?

Yesterday while in the vegetable garden, I looked up and saw an entire family of bluebirds perched on the electric wires close by. There were 2 adults bluebirds and 4 smaller, juvenile bluebirds.  Unfortunately, I didn't have my "real" camera with me at the time, and snapped the photo above with my cell phone.

I have no way of knowing if these are the same bluebirds that I watched so closely a few weeks ago, but it seems likely (there were 4 babies in the nest). And, although I don't expect for the babies to fly down, land on my shoulder and chirp into my ear (although, wouldn't that just be great??), I was secretly hoping that they would somehow recognize me.

I don't think they did.

Oh well, I'm just glad they've made it so far!

Jul 15 2013

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