Daffodils in Spring

Wow, what a crazy winter we've had! It's been so very cold and we've gotten more snow this year than I think we had in all of the years we've been here combined. Thankfully, the snow has all now melted (yea! I'm not a big fan of winter or snow) and we've had recent temperatures in the high 50's and low 60's... spring is definitely right around the corner!

The daffodils are growing quickly and, by the size of the daffodil buds I saw this morning, I imagine will be blooming very soon. The forsythia is slowing coming alive too... not quite ready to bloom yet, but getting close.

Forsythia Buds

I also noticed that my daylilies are starting to emerge too. They will bloom much, much later than the daffodils and forsythia, but they always seem to emerge much earlier than other perennial flowers each spring.

Daylilies Sprouting in Early Spring

Although I have started some seeds inside (cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, bok choy, lettuce, peppers, and eggplants so far) and have them growing under my T5 grow lights, I've pretty much been working with gourds and some art during any free time I've had lately (which hasn't been much!).

I recently re-designed my art website (www.CarylAlys.com) and also set up an Etsy shop for my art (https://www.etsy.com/shop/CarylAlysFineArt). I've been experimenting/playing with creating birdhouses from some of the gourds I harvested last year and should be getting those added to CarylAlys.com and to my Etsy shop soon. I still have over 100 large gourds out in the field (I think they are completely dried now and ready to work with or sell!) and about 25 smaller gourds on the porch just waiting for me to do something with.

Gourd Birdhouses

Although I originally bought the alcohol inks to use on gourds, I've been creating prints using them too. I've been having fun creating some abstract art with alcohol inks too... this is one of my recent abstracts -- it's 5" x 7" on yupo paper.

CarylAlys.com Alcohol Ink Print

Mar 10 2015
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