Sweet Potato Harvest

Well, I finally got around to digging up the last of the sweet potatoes.


Really, I was starting to worry that I'd never get around to them and that they'd freeze in the ground before I could muster the strength to get off my butt and dig them. But, we had an abnormally warm day over the weekend (70's in mid November is fantastic!!) and I was hit with a hint of spring like gardening inspiration. I actually felt like digging in the dirt a bit, so I grabbed a pitchfork and made a beeline to the sweet potato vines. 

Do you know that digging sweet potatoes is really hard work? And to make matters worse, the longer you wait to dig them, the harder it is to see where the original plants are, and the harder it is to dig them.

You know, that vicious circle thing.... one more reason not to procrastinate.

Anyway, as you can see in my photo above, I speared quite a few of the taters with the pitchfork. I really need to remember that sweet potatoes can grow surprisingly far from the mother vine!

The last 7 sweet potato plants alone produced over 25 pounds of sweet potatoes and their harvest hardly even fit into a 10 gallon bucket. I can't tell you how long the walk back to the house was with this stupid bucket of potatoes... or how many I spilled along the way.

But, no matter, it's official. We now have more sweet potatoes than we know what to do with .... 55 pounds of sweet potatoes to be exact (and that doesn't include the few that we've eaten already!).

So, now I need to find some good sweet potato recipes to get us through the winter.... any ideas?

Nov 20 2013
Posted in: Vegetables

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November 20, 2013

Jealous! Totally.

While I think that you just cannot beat sweet potato fries, in my Googling, I like this collection of recipes best:



November 20, 2013

WOW -- thanks for the link Myrtle!! :-)

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