Stella D'Oro Daylily Flower

So, by this point, I probably don't have to tell you how much I love daylilies. If you have some time, I'd be glad to describe in detail how they are absolutely and positively the best, most perfect perennial flowers ever - but, for now, I'll suffice it to say that I like them (... a lot) and I think you should too.

Stella D'Oro daylilies have many of the best traits of daylilies (more than most varieties) -- they are relatively small, they bloom and bloom just about all summer and they start blooming super early too. I think Stellas tend to get a bad wrap in daylily circles and it just really bugs me when "daylily people" poo-poo Stella D'Oros as common, boring, or trite. There is a reason they are planted often ... they really are wonderful additions to every garden!

I have a lot of Stella D'Oros.

About 5 years ago, I bought a couple hundred or so Stella D'Oro daylily fans and planted 50 of them along the sides of a small sidewalk in our (very neglected) front yard and the rest along the bank of our creek in the back yard. Daylilies will double (at the very least) each year, so, in theory, after 5 years, the 50 daylily fans planted along the sidewalk should have grown into at least 800 daylily fans. That's my estimation as to how many are along the sidewalk now -- although it is probably many more than 800 fans.

The Stella D'Oro daylilies that line our front sidewalk look particularly good I think.

Our front sidewalk is a super ugly concrete walkway that we rarely ever use. The Stella D'Oros spill over and cover up quite a bit of the sidewalk - almost making it look pretty. There isn't really anything else planted in the front yard, so the Stellas really are the star (OK, the only) attraction there. But, they look great nonetheless.

I have been toying with the idea of turning the front yard into a rose garden -- but I will definitely keep the Stella D'Oros there no matter what I decide to do!

Here are a few photos I took of the front walk this morning ... aren't the daylilies pretty (and isn't the sidewalk hideous? lol!) 

Just look at all of the daylily flower buds!

Stella D'Oro Daylilies Planted Along a Sidewalk

Daylilies Planted Along Sidewalk

Stella DOro Daylilies Planted in Mass

Jun 01 2014
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