Pastures of Pleasure Daylily

'Pastures of Pleasure' is a fragrant, orchid colored daylily that blooms early to mid season each year. Mine started blooming here in Virginia just a few days ago.  I really love how they look when the sun shines through their light purple/pink hued petals. The whole flower just lights up, don't you think?

Growing Pastures of Pleasure Daylily

Pastures of Pleasure is a medium to large daylily - the scapes (the flower stalk) get to be about 36 inches tall and the flowers are big and get to be about 5 inches across.

Daylily Flower Close Up - Pastures of Pleasure

They are perfect for garden borders and look really beautiful when paired with other yellow flowers. Pastures of Pleaure will grow in USDA zones 3-9b and prefer full sun.

How to Grow Daylilies - Pastures of Pleasure Daylily

Jun 15 2013
Posted in: Daylilies, Flowers

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