Decorative Gourd Bowl

This is the last in my "first ever" gourd art set. It's a little bottle gourd that I cut the top off of to make into a bowl. I experimented with some wood burning on it, then applied some ink dyes and finally some acrylic paint. I also carved some holes of differing sizes and shapes throughout the sides of the gourd to give it a bit more interest. I later realized that, having painted the inside of the gourd black, the holes aren't really that noticeable.

My favorite thing about the gourd is the way I let the inks and dyes run or "drip" down the sides of the gourd in a glaze-like pattern. After I sealed it with some polyurethane, I realized that I created a similar design on the first piece of pottery I ever made in the 8th grade. LOL!

Here are a few more views of my little gourd bowl....

Decorative Gourd Art

Decorative Gourd Art Bowl

Feb 12 2015
Posted in: Gourd Art

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