Deer in the Vegetable Garden

A few years ago we had something living in the crawl space under our house, so we bought a motion detection camera to help us figure out what it was ... it ended up being a skunk and we were very glad to have bought that camera!

The skunk has since moved on, so now we use the camera in our vegetable garden to keep an eye on the critters. I check it every morning and a few times throughout each day. We mostly get pictures of birds and sometimes other animals (like our neighborhood potbellied pig!), but last night we caught the worst of the worst of garden offenders.... a white tailed deer.

And to think we were worried about the crows ...

About a week ago, we planted a final bed of sweet corn. It's an early maturing variety and, if all goes well, we should be harvesting it in late September. We covered the bed with fine netting to try to keep the crows from eating the seeds and seedlings.

I have no idea if the deer are interested in the corn seedlings or not (I imagine they aren't), but they definitely know where this 10 X 35 foot bed of sweet corn is now and I'm sure they will be back when it's closer to harvest time. Wonder what else they found in the mean time?

Looks like we need a bigger fence!

Aug 07 2013

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