Daylily - Airy Touch

Even though the majority of the daylilies here are past their peak blooming time, we still have some that are just starting to bloom and many others that are starting to re-bloom a bit too. Things are still looking pretty in the hemerocallis beds and the daylilies should continue to bloom somewhat through to the first killing frost.

Airy Touch is one of the daylilies with the most amount of blooms today, so I took a few photos this morning as I walked through the beds.

Hemerocallis 'Airy Touch' is one of the smaller daylilies we have here. It only gets to be about 20 inches tall and has blooms approximately 4 inches across. Airy Touch has a light yellow flower with a yellowish-green throat and it's edges are ruffly. It is quite fragrant and has an extended blooming time. It prefers full sun and is hardy in zones 3-9.

Here's what Airy Touch Daylily looks like in my garden this morning ...

Hemerocallis Airy Touch

Yellow Daylily - Airy Touch

Reblooming Yellow Daylily

Daylily with Midseason Bloom Time

Hemerocallis Daylily - Yellow Reblooming

Aug 02 2013
Posted in: Daylilies, Flowers

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