I had hoped to dig up all of the sweet potatoes last week, but, for one reason or another, I was only able to dig up a whopping four plants. I know... four plants is pretty pathetic! But, in my defense, I stopped at plant #4 because it started raining, and it continued to rain for a few days and I just haven't had a chance to get back to it.

So, I still have at least 10 or 11 more sweet potato plants to dig. But, here's a quick photo of what I've dug up so far ...

Sweet Potato Harvest

20.5 lbs of sweet potatoes from 4 plants... that's about 5 lbs per plant! There are a few really big ones, and lots of medium and small ones too, but if the other plants are anything like these four plants, I should end up with about 70 pounds of sweet potatoes.

I'll post an update and more photos as we dig up the remaining plants, hopefully this week!

One last harvest of (somewhat) ripe tomatoes

I went out to the garden this morning thinking I would harvest green tomatoes, but found that we had many red, orange, and kind-of red/orange tomatoes on the vines, so I picked those instead. Here's what I picked today...

Tomato Harvest in November

Today's harvest of tomatoes was 12.8 lbs! That brings our total tomato harvest so far this year to 158 pounds.

Admittedly, some of today's fruit aren't in the best of shape and there really aren't any big, fat juicy ones, but they should be ok for canning. They are already simmering on the stove and (hopefully!) I'll can some sauce later this afternoon.

Then, I'll have to worry about what to do with all of the green ones... and there are tons of those!

Any ideas?

Nov 03 2013
Posted in: Vegetables

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