Watermelon in the Refrigerator

We just picked our first big, fat Crimson Sweet Watermelon of the 2013 season and it's a doozy!!

Yep, we had to clear the beer everything else off the shelf to make room for it in the fridge AND still be able to close the door. It just about takes up the entire first shelf! We have the double door type of refrigerator, so it's basically taking up half of the width of the fridge.

We hadn't really planned to pick this watermelon today, it just kind of picked itself as we were trying to get a look at it's underbelly. Luckily, I had just checked it's curly tendrils (the ones right next to where the watermelon attaches to the vine) and they had officially shriveled up and turned brown, so I think it's probably ripe. We won't know until we slice it open though... talk about anticipation!

When I finally got the thing back to the house (can you believe I carried it all the way myself?? -- that's about 200 (really long) feet back to the house), I put it on my kitchen scale and it immediately broke the scale.  Well, it didn't really break it, it just made the digital readout put out all kinds of crazy binary characters instead of a number. I had forgotten to check the maximum weight my little scale could handle before trying to weigh the watermelon and it was more than my scale could handle. My kitchen scale can handle up to 17 pounds, in case you are now wondering (as I am sure you are! LOL).

Anyway, this bad boy had to be weighed on a bathroom scale!!!

What do you guess it weighed?


31 Pounds! I just looked up on the USDA's website the current average price for watermelon in the northeast US and as of Aug 9, 2013, the average price was $0.43/pound.  I'll have to check local prices next time I go to the grocery store, but at the USDA prices, it's a $13.00 dollar watermelon...not too shabby for something that pretty much just sprouted and grew on it's own!

Hope it tastes like a $13 dollar watermelon! :-)

Aug 14 2013
Posted in: Fruits

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