Harvest Basket

This was a week of old and new. It was my birthday (and that's not the only reason for the old)...ha ha!

My sister sent me a beautiful, new, LARGE! harvest basket. I think it's the greatest thing since sliced bread. Last night I loaded it up with bok choy, radishes, peas, and lettuce and there was still room for more.

It's a Burlin Garden Harvesting Basket (Inspirations From Nature) and, according to the information card that came with it, the handle and side rails are made from old tobacco sticks that once hung tobacco leaves to dry in the "Burlin" family barn in North Carolina. It's incredibly functional, it's beautiful, and I absolutely love it.

My parents also came for a visit this week and, in addition to bringing a yummy Dairy Queen Ice Cream cake (standard birthday fare for our family) among other things, brought me a very special gift ....my childhood garden picking pail.

Picking Pail

When we were growing up, my brother and sister and I would spend time each summer with our grandparents. My grandparents had a huge vegetable garden and we spent a lot of time with them there. My grandfather made us each a "picking pail" to use when helping them in the garden. We would help them pick everything from raspberries to beans.  My picking pail looks like it was made from an old coffee can with a wire handle pushed through 2 holes on either side. It's small -- child-sized, I guess. I definitely remember it being much, much bigger!

I can't believe my parents kept it all these years! (thanks Mom and Dad!!)

Jun 07 2013
Posted in: Garden Tools

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