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Japanese Hori Hori on Amazon.comJapanese Hori Hori Knives are super fantastic... every gardener needs at least 1, maybe 2! I'll admit that I only have one -- but I absolutely love it and use it in the garden all the time. If you are looking for a great gift for a gardener, get them a Japanese Hori Hori tool & you'll be their new favorite person, I promise.

What's so great about Hori Hori?

It is the swiss army knife of small garden tools! First, it has a really strong blade and can take a lot of abuse in the garden. The blade has a concave shape so you can use it for scooping ... it's sharp too, so it works really well as a knife. One side of the blade is serrated, so it can cut stems and roots easily. The pointy tip comes in handy for dividing perennials, transplanting seedlings, or digging out weeds (even dandelions). And the blade is marked with measurements to help with depth planting.

And, last but not least, it's just fun to say Hori Hori.  "Where's my Hori Hori?" "Can you grab my Hori Hori?" "I need my Hori Hori!" "Don't leave my Hori Hori out in the rain." ... really, the possibilities for amusement with it's name are endless!

ps - Hori Hori means Dig Dig in Japanese.

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Dec 07 2014

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Myrtle Bernice
December 12, 2014

I just LOVE these gardener gift posts, Caryl! And ... I want one of each. Especially a hori hori!!!!


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