Help me put my first greeting card set together ... I need your input!

It's official! In 2014, I plan to start selling some of my gardening artwork on To start things off, I'll be selecting 5 different works from the selections below and putting them together into a set of greeting cards. However, I'm having a terrible time deciding on which prints to include in that first greeting card set. I need your help! Please, please, please help me to decide!

I would love your input on which of the following pieces you like best! If you could select the five pieces below that you would like to see put together into a set of greeting cards, I would be ever so grateful!

I'll also gladly give you a 15% discount code to use on any of my artwork (or greeting card sets!) once the e-commerce part of the site is completed in January 2014. The discount code should appear after submitting your selections below.

Just check the boxes next to the five pieces you like best and submit. If you'd like to include some additional information (below the images), that would be great too! Thank you in advance!

#1002 Daylily

#2039 Iris
#1001 Summer Seeds

#1009 Helenium

#1013 Wildflowers
#2082 Pampas Grass
#1042 Camilia
#1044 Magnolia

#1043 CornFlower

#1005 Sunflower

#1050 Dahlia
#1048 Canna Lily

#1055 Sunflower
#1060 Gladiolus
#2080 Helianthus Angustiflorus
#1010 New Zealand Hibicus
#2014 Petunia
#2016 Iris

#1004 Oakleaf Hydrangea

#1040 Asiatic Lily

Optionally, I welcome your additional information, input & comments!

Do you use & send greeting cards?
Would you prefer a mixed set of cards (2 of each for a total of 10 cards), or a set containing 10 of the same card?
How much would you expect to pay for a set of 10 custom/art greeting cards? (the insides of the cards will be blank, so you could use them for unlimited types of use!)
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